Statement and Film

Artist's Statement and Film

The natural world is what inspires me. I’m particularly curious about how nature works and how we as people fit in to the overall picture. I’m also concerned about our impact on the planet.

As I see the natural environment disappearing, getting pushed into smaller and smaller spaces as well as being covered by toxic materials, it’s comforting to know that it is still there underneath what we construct and may still be viable.

The human figure combined with other natural elements like leaves conveys the idea that all living things share similar qualities. Even an individual leaf or plant, like a person, is important in that it has the ability to grow, reach out and affect an area greater than itself.

My pieces are created from handmade recycled paper, paint and some contain photo-transfers (using a water-based medium) as well as other materials. The paper becomes a relief or three-dimensional after it is cast over a natural or constructed mold. Using recycled paper conveys the regenerative, cyclical quality of life in addition to saving trees.

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